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Ah my Goddess Omake: High School lives

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Morisato Keiichi was a young 16 year old student on his way to high school

(Keiichi-san: I'm in high school again? What's going on?

Narrator san: Keep quiet....we have an omake to make. your part, or I'll pair you up with Mara)

When...all of a sudden...he heard a lovely voice call him...

Belldandy: Keiichi-san

Keiichi looks behind to see Belldandy dressed in a sailor-fuku type uniform running towards him.

Keiichi: (thinking) I'm in heaven, Belldandy in sailor-fuku

Keiichi: Belldandy.

Bell-chan: Keiichi san, ohayo gozaimasu.

Keiichi: Ohayo.

Bell-chan: Keiichi-san, let's eat lunch together. I made a bento just for you .(Smiles happily).

Keiichi: Thanks, Bell-chan

Belldandy: And maybe later on, we can study together for the maths test tomorrow...

Keiichi: Sure thing, Bell-chan.

Belldandy: And after, you can (looks bashful here) walk me home, keiichi-san.

Keiichi(looks deeply into her eyes) Belldandy....

Belldandy(looking with longing into her beloved's eyes): Keiichi san...

(Romantic soft music plays in the background)

Keiichi: Belldandy...

Belldandy: Keiichi-san...

Skuld...AARGH....Keep away from my onee-sama, you pervert!

Belldandy: But skuld.

Keiichi: Ohayo, Skuld-san

Skuld: Keep away you pervert, One-sama is MINE!(Looks threatening).

Urd: Hi....keichan. Have you gotten beyond second base with my dear little sister.?

Keiichi: Urd-chan! (Looks visibly shocked)

Belldandy: Nee-san! You shouldu't say such things.

Urd: Why not, I am the Goddess of Love....and your school nurse. By the way, here k-boy (hands him a bottle) Drink this, and Bell cahn would find you irrestible, heh ehe.

Skuld: Urd, you evil woman, I hate you! (snatches bottle away) Probably some medicine designed to defile my Onee-sama!

Belldandy: Nee-san! This is supposed to be a family series!

Urd: Oh? Don't you find K-boy here so....irreesitible.? Don't you like cooking little things for him, caling him every day, and writing love poems in your diary every night?

Bell: Nee-san! (blushes furiously)

Keiichi: Urd...erm that's enough.

Urd: Oh....and as for you don't want the world to know what you do with that picture of Belldandy wearing a blue summer dress that you keep by your bediside every night!...Ah...

Skuld: Urudo no baka!..runs off crying!

Keiichi (looking embarassed) Let'sgo to school belldandy...

Belldandy: Okay.

Urd: Make me proud K-boy! If you need any advice on moving your relationship with my sister forward...especially with this and know where to find me....

Belldandy: Nee-san!


(Home alone today....sketch arose out of boredom).

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