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A little problem

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Some time after the marriage of Keiichi and Belldandy....

Belldandy Morisato was busy making a cake for her beloved Mr Keiichi, who deserved a nice treat for being such a good and kind husband in many ways . Watching her was her big sister Urd, who had decided to pay a little visit to the couple, and had arrived a few days earlier.

Urd was really looking at her dear sister...with a rather fixed look. So much so that Belldandy wondered what the problem was , and asked Urd 'Nee-san, is something wrong?'

'No, nothing much' Urd said with a smile, 'except in the way you address your husband'

'The way I address Mr Keiichi' ? Belldandy looked puzzled.

'That's it right there.' Urd spoke sharply 'Why are you still calling him Mister, despite being together for all this time? Why don't you just call him Keiichi? '

'But' Belldandy looked a bit...misreable 'He's Mr Keiichi'.

'Urrgh, not that again'. Urd said annoyedly'. 'Ok, sister...we are going to have a little test. Let's pretend I' let's use this spell....and Urd used a few words to turn herself into....well....a familliar figure.'

'Right' Urd said...I'm Keiichi. I'm going to walk into the kitchen...and let's see how you respond'

'Okay' Belldandy looked confused...but decided to go along with what her Nee-san decided to do.

The doorbell rang...and Urd (now dressed as Keiichi) walked in 'I'm home!'

'Mr Keiichi' Belldandy said tenderly 'Welcome home'

'Nooo' Urd/keiichi said 'that's not how it's done'. Let's do it again.

And for the next one hour...there was repeated practice....until Belldandy learned to drop the Mister...and Urd felt...satisified.

Until that evening....

Keiichi Morisato was a bit late, but as he stepped in and said 'I'm home'...his wife Belldandy responded as usual, brightly and tenderly.

Welcome Home, Mr Keiichi!

Urd almost had kittens at that point.

Ah well, she said to herself looking at how tenderly the couple looked at each can't teach an old bell new tricks....

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Utti Jaeger

Very nice and well done.:grin:

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