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Keiichi Morisato

UC Riverside Student Faces Felony Charges After Video and Bizarre Rant Attacking Another Student

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Keiichi Morisato

With the recent outpouring of violence being perpetrated across the country by antifa and these other mask vigilantes comes another incident involving a college student.

When a student (Matthew Vitale) showed up at a meeting on campus during a meeting of student organizations at the University of California, Riverside, wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat, another student took exception to the hat and ripped it from Vitale's head. Edith Macias, the student who snatched the hat from Vitale's head proceeded to the Student Life office and went on her bizarre rant about how "Make America Great Again" hats and Free Speech are genocide against minorities and that even the students in the Student Life offices had a hard time getting the hat back for Vitale.

Initially, Vitale didn't want to press charges and that campus police told him about her own bizarre video could be evidence of a felony since it shows her stealing the student's hat off his head. California law defines second-degree felony robbery as 'taking of personal property in the possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear.' Penalties range from probation to five years in prison.

Following the incident, comrades of Edith Macias started an online petition demanding that the university demanding that the university pay Macias' rent, grant her amnesty from legal or disciplinary action, cover her legal fees, condemn 'white supremacist violence', and support a 'sanctuary campus'. What is so absurd about this is that college campus', universities or other similar entities do not have the power to grant a student amnesty from legal actions. That is something that is the discretion of the district attorney's office.

What is even more bizarre about all of this is the fact that neither innocent slogans nor free speech has ever been proven to cause genocide in this country despite the fact that genocide has never been perpetrated in this country.

Matthew Vitale's video

I have to say that I fully support Matthew Vitale and I hope Macias receives some prison time for this. Speaking as a victim of an armed robbery, just because you think you have the right to conduct yourself in an unacceptable manner doesn't mean you actually have that right. There are consequences to your action and giving someone probation over something like this wouldn't be justice. The more I read into this, I also discovered that some were talking how Macias' threats could be considered "terrorist" threats against another person. This was something that prosecutors used against a local gang where I live when they assaulted someone in the neighborhood, multiple gang members that had assaulted a kid with bricks. Everyone knows what they say karma is.

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Ah, yes, the Leftist Multiculturalists, champions of peace, tolerance, and violently attacking a man for wearing a hat.

The scary thing is, that rabid bitch has 'supporters' that are just as unhinged.
Not everybody should go to college. Some folks, you send 'em to college and you just wind up with an educated idiot.

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