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Inoue Kikuko x Inoue Honoka interview 2016 with animate Times!

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This is an interview conducted last year with the 17 year old and her then 17 year old daughter. It is a fun and very interesting interview...

The full English translation can be found at the Seiyuu+ website.Part one here  and Part 2 here . Original Japanese text here


Q: When did you start being conscious of the fact that ‘mom’ wasn’t just ‘mom’, but that she was ‘the seiyuu, Inoue Kikuko’?

H: My perspective has never changed. She’s the same at home after all. The Inoue Kikuko that the fans see is the mom that I see at home.

Q: So you don’t feel that uncomfortable about hearing your mom’s voice coming out of the TV?

H: I don’t really feel uncomfortable when I hear her voicing motherly types or characters like Belldandy & Amatsu Kanata from Girlfriend (Kari) but when it comes to types like Lobelia from Sakura Wars or Grace from Macross F I just go “Woahh….”.

K: Now that you mention it, you came to watch the Sakura Wars musical when you were a little girl and exclaimed “That’s not mommy~!!” with a look of great sadness on your face. It was only when you were in high school that you started to think “Lobelia’s cool!”. It seems girls go through many changes as they grow up.

Q: Does the Kikuko at home use such scary voices?

H: Nope.

K: Whoops.

Q: That means you’ve only ever heard your mom’s scary voice through the TV?

H: Yeah, I guess I’ve never heard her use it otherwise.

K: I see~. I think I’m the type who ends up crying instead of angry. Like, “Ohhh~, Hocchan! (cries)”.

H: So when I don’t study even when I’ve been warned to, she’ll go “Why won’t you do it!? (cries)” instead of “Why aren’t you doin’ it!? (anger)”.


Some more here

Q: That could become a series of surefire jokes for you. So let’s hear it in your first ever interview, #1 in your ‘Stories About my Mom’ series.

H: Once upon a time, my mom brought me along in her car to a newly-opened local department store. After making her purchases, she started to drive home but got lost, suddenly burst into tears and said to me “Hocchan, why don’t you recognize the way home!?”

K: I had no idea where I was and kept going around in circles and got sad, thinking that we might never ever make it home.

H: It’s not like she even asked me to ‘please try to remember the route’ or anything like that, I had to wonder why she said all that to me, while there were tears in her eyes.

K: From my point of view it was as if ‘we can’t go home because Hocchan didn’t bother to memorize the roads!’. I don’t even know the reasoning behind that (laughs).

Read more by clicking the links above.


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I wouldn't call Kikuko Inoue 17 years old, but for a woman that's supposed to be almost as old as my mother, she suspiciously looks like she's my age, 34.

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