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first ever broken bone..ouch

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Been a's the latest

1.It has been three months since the break...and it has been one long layoff.

2.The operation was a success...and the bone is fine. However, i ended up with a complication...tourniquet palsy.

During the op, a tourniquet was put round the upper part of the arm to prevent excess bleeding during the procedure. Unfortunately, it had to stay on for a longer time than usual due to the fact that the op took longer than usual...hence the 'palsy'.

In plain English, i sustained some nerve damage. This meant that i could not move my forearm muscles i needed to go for some physiotherapy as soon as the cast came off mid-December. What a bummer!:cry:. I also had to move back in with the parents...because life is a bit difficult when you are single, and one-armed. There went my independence(sigh).

More info on torniquet palsy here:

Anyway, it has been a long three months...during which i have done nothing but eat lots of veggies and protein, lose some 14 pounds, study, watch anime, listen to anime muzak via Yggdrasil radio, and mourn over my predicament...(Well, life isn't good when you sit at home doing nothing!)

On the plus side, it has been good to have some free time away from work too

Today, i saw the Orthopedic doc, and he cleared me to go back to work. Physio/rehab has restored my left hand to almost normal function..but i still need some more physio.I can do MOST of the activities of daily living though thankfully...I've gone from being unable to move the left forearm to active movement  of all the fingers now. Wrist is still a bit stiff...but improving.

Thanks, community , for your good wishes!Sorry for late update!


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