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So nostalgic, it was a hard time to recover my password

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Hello admin! Hello  again friends & AMS fans


It has been a long time but I feel very happy to post here again. A lot has happened, a lot of sites are gone but for  all of AMS fans we still have a great place to encounter and remember the gold age of OMG

Again, so happy to salute you all !!!!!!


All these years I was doing my collection of AMS, I would like to share with you what I have achieved, first of all as a list with photographs (or something like that) and later I will work on uploading and sharing the content if possible (in some way).  Its hard to find AMS related stuff on this days:huh:

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Keiichi Morisato

Thanks for returning. It's just a miracle that we have lasted for so long, even those other communities who tried to steal our members away to their own sites. It's a testament to how dedicated our members are to our community. If it wasn't for our members, I wouldn't have kept this site up for this kind of period of time. That's why I protect this site and ensure that we remain online and to provide a safe atmosphere for not just our members but also our visitors and guests and our younger visitors to the site who might not be allowed to register due to COPPA. Over the past ten years, I've seen this community evolve and even though Ah! My Goddess has ended as a manga series, there's always the possibility that the anime could return in the near future, just look at how much You're Under Arrest continues to return, with so few manga volumes available.

With our evolution into fan fiction, we still have a lot of life in the community. Look forward to seeing you more active in the coming weeks. :grin:

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