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RIND Squadron Fumofuu

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Alrighty Guys, Its about time we started RIND squadron mayhem, and as promised, We were going to start on friday. Well its friday. Heh heh :) With this being an entirely different story, I want to lay down some ground rules and the History thus far. This time around, Have the Anime series Full Metal Panic, (all three seasons) in mind. Militaristic Comedy. Thats what were shooting for this time around. If you arent familiar with this series, dont fret. Try to follow the flow of the story as best as you can. There is no war this time around, but there is a battle among the crew of Heidriarch Squadrons. :)


*Nothing Too over the Top*

-Unlike the last RIND squadron tale, this one is lighthearted and comedic. However, I dont want so many Dimentional Hammers and Urd Bolts that it becomes insane. Have fun with your characters interacting with each other, just dont overload him/her with powers. Remember, our characters are in a military setting, not a AMG type universe.

*Multiple Characters*

-Multiple characters are alright in my book, but I run things a little differently. You are allowed no limits on NPC (non player characters) and one primary character. Your primary character is the one that you yourself write for. Nobody else can write for him/her besides yourself. However, the NPCs that you introduce can be used by anyone else in this group as long as they stay consistent in the mannerisms you introduce with that NPC. (For example, If I introduce a character that is shy and timid. You must stay within those mannerisims if you are to write for him/her unless the one who introduced that character decided to change it.) And another note, No characters are from AMG are to be introduced into this story Unless the name and mannerisms are changed slightly. Remember, were in an alternate universe, not a AMG universe.

*Character Relations*

-By all means go right ahead and introduce some romance in this story. Nothing wrong with it unless you can pull it off. However, Be consistent and stay real. Keep it PG-13 people, I dont need this thread shut down because of *censored* actions. :(

*Posting Directions*

-Interior Monolouges are to be posted in italicized font and in Green. Actions as well as story narrative are to be seperated by stars (*) If the primary character is speaking, please use quotation (") Marks, if a NPC character is speaking. Type his/her name followed by a colon. ( : ) and proceed with their narration.

*Have Fun!*

-This all started because many people had fun doing the last one. I want that feeling to continue for as long as possible!

Addtional Rules will be added as they are realized.

Alright, Now that the Rules have been laid, Lets learn a little history about this universe shall we?

*How the world came to be*

In 21XX A.D, interplanetary transport and colonization was in full swing as advancements in technology made long distance travel possible. In an effort to find a third earth-like planet, the Yggdrasil was born; an interplanetary mobile colony that supported 2.6 million people. 100 Years of development and building was finally being put to use as the Yggdrasil was sent on it's maiden voyage to colonize planet GS-1557 in the Lazuli sector, roughly 120 Light years from Asgard; the second earth.

When the Yggdrasil finally reached its destination some 7 years later, They found planet GS-1557 in ecological depression, with the atmosphere slowly depleting and water levels dropping. Based on earlier reports when colonization plans were being formulated, GS-1557 was closest to Earth's original ecostructure, which had long been since depleted since the ice caps melted, turning earth into a planet entirely made of oceans, which was later renamed Aegir. The yggdrasil immediately began plans to restore the planet to habitable standards, but was cut short by the arrival of the alien parasite which the colonists named Ragnarok.

The parasite life forms had since occupied the nearby planet Niflheim, a barren lifeless world of Ice, rich in resources of mithril and maghausen ores that the parasites thrived on, and that the humans lacked. In order to restore GS-1557 to habitable status, the humans needed to aquire the ores. But the parasite had dealt with the humans before, when earlier colonists eradicated them on the planet YS-66G, now known as Asgard. Now percieving the humans as a threat to their existance, the parasites attacked the yggdrasil. the great colony erupted in flames and plummeted to the planet below, breaking into two halves and crashing on opposite ends of the same landmass.

150 years had passed since the Colony Yggdrasil Crashed on planet GS-1557. Despite losing half of it's original crew, the remaining citizens worked on and successfully made GS-1557 habitable in a short 50 years using the Remaining technology from the Yggdrasil. From the wreckage of the Two halves, a vast metropolis was born, the city of Gladsheim was created. Following the Influence of the ship that had carried them to their new home, The colonists decided to rename the planet of GS-1557 to Valhalla, the nordic hall of the slain. Under the premise that Valhalla was the place where fallen warriors were brought back to health in the upcoming battle with Ragnarok.

The Colonists 150 year history as well as those that presided before them lay in the ruins of the Yggdrasil. the Ragnarok parasites, hellbent on eradicating everything human, lay siege to valhalla. Ragnarok succeeded in severly damaging the city of gladshiem, as well as a part of the North Yggdrasil mass. In order to further nullfy future attacks, the Yggdrasil Defense Corps, were formed along with the Goddess Defense System. The Valkyries, the spirits of war, were then developed to battle Ragnarok before they could breach Valhalla's atmosphere. Among them were a group of devoted warriors dedicated to sending the message of war to Ragnarok. The RIND squadron.

*Story Setting as of now*

Because we never had a set beginning, (if you noticed, we just sorta started. :wacko: ) This Story is starting off with a clean slate. As of now, Current characters are to remain normal except for a few.

Adam Price 40- Reverted back to Captain

Just Plain Evil- No longer under influence of the demonic forces. Just a Regular 2nd Lieutenant. (No Demonic powers this time around please)

Daimon- No longer a mercenary. Please reinstate yourself into the story as Either an officer or Incoming Cadet.

Incoming Members, Please post your character profiles In this thread, (it wont interrupt the story, dont worry)

As of now, the war agaisnt the ragnarok is in its infancy. although some attacks are countered from time to time, the planet of Valhalla and the Metropolis of Gladsheim are mostly at peace. As part of the Yggdrasil Defense Division, our characters are given the task of defending Valhalla from the Ragnarok by using the VALKYRIE transformable armor system. But before they can tackle the threat of the Ragnarok, they must first overcome another war, The war of Y.D.D Traditions to new Cadets.

IF there are any questions or concerns, please PM me with them.

Edited by ryujikun619

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*Its a Calm Sunny Day as Ryuji heads over toward the main building of the Heidriarch military base, various officers in uniform stand at attention and salute as he passes by. He causally waves at them as he continues walking*

Im never going to get used to this, up until a month ago I was just a regular Major. Then I shoot up to Commander just because I save Sector 6 from that Ragnarok attack....I liked it better when i didnt have this much work to do.

*As he walks into the main building and heads toward the chamber of the order, he recieves more salutes from other uniforms. Not wanting to deal with them, he hurriedly runs towards the chambers and walks in*

"Commander Ryuji Matsuhiko reporting for duty!"

Mardukas: Ah, Matsuhiko, weve been expecting you. Were still waiting for a few other commanding officers, but we can go ahead and inform you.

"Is there a problem sir?"

Tragati: Oh no problems, just the matter of Training the new cadets.

"Training? Cadets?"

Mardukas: Surely you havent forgotten Matsuhiko? Today is the day new cadets are introduced to heidriarch.

*Ryuji's eyes go wide*

Tragati: I assume he has given his reaction.

Mardukas: The order has decided to Give you and three other commanding officers command of the Four groups we are recieving today.

"Mardukas sir, Why me? Ive been commander for only a month!"

Mardukas: Your piloting skills speak for themselves! Surely someone of your caliber should be in charge of forging some of the best pilots here!

*Flashbacks of Ryuji using his flight manual as a pillow and as waste paper flash in his mind.*


Tragati: That is all we wanted to inform you with. The Cadets shall be arriving at 1600 hours, I expect you to be on the VALKYRIE field at that time.

"Yes Sir." *salutes*

Mardukas: thank you commander, you may leave

*As Ryuji exits the room, he curses under his breath*

"What the heck did I get myself into? I need a beer. Maybe Six."

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"Mind if I join you?"

Ryuji looked next to the closing door to see Major Damion Zerichz standing against the wall with his arms folded across his chest.

"Were you-"

Damion cut him off with a wave of his hand. "Yeah, I heard. So, can I join you for those beers? Maybe afterwards I might decide to help you with those cadets eh?"

Damion had once been a mercernary hired to protect a single individual, but after the death of his brother at the hands of a parasite, he decided to join the military operations in his brother's place. His brother had piloted the Valkyrie Sephiroth, and had died gloriously in a final kamikaze explosion.

Damion was also a Major alongside Ryuji before his promotion to commander, despite his young age. However, even with his piloting skills, his leadership was lacking, which was why Damion refused to go any higher than a Major. He also had a bond with an officer who was currently on away duty, Liuetenant JPE. A bond so strong, he actually knew his real name, but refused to disclose it to anyone who didn't already know.

(New Valk: The Dinah)

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*Ryuji Dismisses Daimon with a shake of his head*

"Id rather you not Daimon. You get pretty weird when you get drunk. And it wouldnt be fitting for a superior officer to have one of his subordinates get drunk now right?"

*Ryuji leaves the building and walks toward Heidriarch's Mess hall as he walks in, he notices one of his old squad members sitting by himself*

"Hey Nigel, Not like you to be sitting by yourself."

Nigel: *looks up startled* Oh...Ryu..its just you..

"...Sorry for not being some pretty girl.."

Nigel: Ive got my eye on one already.

*Ryuji looks over to where Nigel Is staring.*

"Nerridan McAllen? Mardukas' Granddaughter?"

Nigel: yeah! you know her?! Can you put in a good word for me?!


Nigel: Than-

"Along with you, Nicol, private masterson, and a few others."

Nigel: *hangs his head* aww man.

"Anyway Nigel, I need Angel Team to be with me to greet the new cadets at 1600. Can you be there?"

*Nigel Groans, but raises his hand in assurance*


*Ryuji orders a coffee from the center console and sits patiently waiting for it to arrive.*

I have no clue on how to lead new people.....c'mon Ryuji think. How did Captain Telholtz lead you?

*Flashback to Ryuji's Cadet days*

Telholtz: Ryuji! You must dive into the world of Piloting with me!

"Um um uh.....cant we just go into the simulator?"

Telholtz: No! To gain the edge of piloting you must experience it firsthand! Come! off to the blue sky we go!

"Captain! I uh.....cant, I a bad back!"

Telholtz: Oh dont worry, were all filled with defects son! I dont have a sense of direction, and look at me! *Visions of Ryuji screaming from the back of a VALKYIRE flash in his mind*

*Snaps back to reality*

"Maybe it isnt a good thing to take example from the past..."

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Damion sighs and shrugs. He was looking forward to drinking his now supirior officer under the table, but couldn't force him to do anything... anymore.

"We're not on even grounds anymore... too bad."

Damion notices someone pass him, and seems to recognize the face.

"It can't be... Gerbil?!?!"

The figure turns and glances at him, then his eyes widen and he begins to walk faster.

"It is you! Gerbil!!!!"

Damion rushes up to him and glomps him from behind. (A glomp is like a tackle mixed with a hug.)


Edited by Damion

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*Captain Price arrives on one of the busses of new cadets and is unceremoniously dropped off along with them in the holding area just inside the training camp. Nobody seems to acknowledge his rank, even though he is wearing his uniform. This is most likely due to the fact that he is wearing a large trenchcoat over the top which he has done up. On the journey several of the other recruits asked him what he was hiding under the coat, to which he replied that he wasn't wearing anything under the coat. Hearing this they decided to end the conversation. He also has a large duffle bag filled with different shaped boxes so that the others think that he is just another recruit.*

Jackson: Yeah, me, Mills, and Simpson here all met at college studying maths, then after we finished we decided to join the fight.

Simpson:Yeah, so how 'bout you?

"I was bored and wanted something to do. Hey, have you heard any rumours about the trainers, they say that they're evil and not to cross them."

Mills: Who's this they? And what do they do that they're so evil?

"Oh, it's just a friend of a friend knew someone. They say that the head one's the worst, what's his name . . . Ryuggie, that's it. They say every time you cross him, even if you look at him wrong, he takes a finger. I just heard it from someone who left after 4 months after falling foul of Ryuggie a few times."

Simpson: How many?

"Let's just say that he can't hold a pint in his hand and keeps falling over, but then again he could just be drunk. Anyway I think that we should mingle some more and get to know people better. Who knows if anyone here might end up as our commanding officer. It might also be worth letting everyone know to watch their backs with the trainers. I just going to go and find a toilet."

*With that the Captain walks off to one of the exits away from the new cadets. The two guards at the exit start to straighten up as they realise who it is that is walking towards them.*

"No need to acknowledge me lads, just treat me like another cadet. That's what I want that lot back there to think. After I go through here, I don't want any of the new cadets allowed through. I've told them that I'm going to the toilet, so if they ask just say that you're stopping them until they have been addressed by the commanding officer. Also, if they ask you about any rumours about how evil any of the officers are, just agree to them, embelish them even, especially any about Ryuji. Now wave me through as you would a cadet."

Edited by Adam_Price40

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*As Ryuji sits at the table nursing his cup of coffee, he hears commotion over at the tables near the window*

Crew 1: Hey Look! the first bus of new recruits just came in!

Crew 2: Ahhh memories. It'll be fun rattling their bones.

"Easy guys. Just because it happened to you doesnt mean you can do the same."

*Crew 1 and 2 turn around sharply*

Both: Ahh! Commander matsuhiko! Sir!

*Both as well as the other members seating behind them stand up and salute*

"At ease, you know how I operate."

Crew 1: Ahh we know sir...its just...force of habit..

*Ryuji strolls over to the window and looks down at the bus that just arrived. The cadets slowly depart and look around. Some look worried while others excited*

"Looks like a lively bunch this year."

Crew 2: say, what do you guys think of doing another Demon VALKYRIE scenario this year?

Crew 1: Nahh too messy.

Crew 3: What about the late night Ragnarok Raid?

Crew 4: Mardukas didnt really like that one.....

Crew 2: What about you sir? Any ideas?

"None at the moment, right now im trying to figure out how to scare MY cadets....*Noticing someone depart from the bus* Sonova....."

Crew 2: You could be captain telholtz sir.

"I hated that guy. I had him too."

Crew 3: You could always pretend to be um...effeminate.

*the other crew guys look at him with a " WTF you wanna die?" look*

"Not a bad idea, but someone of my stature wouldnt be able to pull it off. I'll think of something. Now you guys, dont think of anything too messy alright? Now if you'll excuse me I got a new arrival I need to beat the snot out of."

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*At that moment Captain Price walks into the mess hall with a large grin on his face. He is still wearing his trench coat and carrying the duffle bag.*

"Morning all, them new recruits are quite easy to wind up. I've sown a few seeds, and set them to sow more seeds amongst the recruits. The guards around the compound are in on it too."

*Price then spots Ryuji who is glaring at him. He then starts to walk over to him by the window.*

"Apparently all of the commanding officers here are quite evil, and looking at that face Ryuji, I can see why you're considered the most evil of the lot."

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*Ryuji gives adam a smirk and a "heh" as he comes near*

"They'll only think that through word of mouth adam." *gives him a punch on the arm* Good to see you again buddy, did Asgard get to lonely for ya?

*Returns to looking at the new recruits*

"You probably already told them false stories about me, knowing how you operate. What was it? I was into guys? or I was one to kill em for not doing something right?

Nigel: Hey commander, if I remember correctly, Captain Barka used to wake his cadets up at 3 AM every morning and make em jog.

"Thats weak nigel."

Nigel:Barka was in his valkyrie chasing after them.

*The scene of how that would look flashes through the crew members and Ryuji's mind*

*shudder* "Thats too harsh."

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*Suddenly a thought flashes through Adam's mind and a large grin spreads across his face.*

"I've got the perfect introduction, and it'll give us the chance to see if our own skills are as good as they used to be. Tonight we'll hold a get to know you party for the recruits and their billets NCOs, and get them off to bed by midnight. Then we'll stage a mock attack on the 'base' around 4am, but it'll just be round the billets. The NCOs will command the recruits to protect their individual billets, and we'll gain entry to them any way we can. Hopefully this will allow the NCOs to make initial judgements about the recruits. Of course the recruits aren't to know its an exercise until after all the billets have been captured. So what do you think?"

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*Damion pops up out of nowhere in particular*

Damion: I'm in! One question though, what's a billet?

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"Good God, Damion! A billet is where you sleep! And you've been in the military how long? You're a trip! The only one I know who would 'glomp' a NCO!"

*SGT Gerbil is sitting in the corner, his right hand holding a beer stein. A 'perpetual' NCO, he's known as a fearless fighter of the enemy, a barroom brawler who can dish it out with the best of them, and for some reason, always has his right hand occupied with either a beer stein, coffee cup, or weapon. Some claim he can switch and pull them out of the air at will (which is, of course, technically impossible!)*

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