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Is Belldandy vegetarian?

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I've already said this in the past: Bellandy is a cow and fish serial murderer XD

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On 7/1/2017 at 12:17 PM, Keiichi Morisato said:

To be honest, rarely do I see Belldandy eat. While goddesses can consume beverages and food, I seriously doubt they are dependent on it. While Skuld consumes large amounts of ice cream and Urd consumes a lot of sake, Belldandy is merely content just cooking for Keiichi. She is, for all intents and purposes, extremely domesticated when it comes to Keiichi. She's even fought for Keiichi against Urd and Skuld, and often against member of the Auto Club. She kind of remidns of a mixture between Doris Day (Doris Day Show) and Samantha Stevens (Bewitched). It's painfully, for those who are aware of classic American sitcoms, that the anime and manga series is heavily modeled after Bewitched, with some elements of other 1950's and 1960's television shows are concerned.

With a little bit of I Dream of Jeannie tossed in! LOL! But more Bewitched.

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Keiichi Morisato

I don't think it's an issue of whether Belldandy is a vegetarian. If anyone would care to go back and review the anime and the manga series, everyone would be aware that goddesses don't require food. While they are in the mortal world, they use secondary sources as energy but that the "system force" regulates their health and ensures they are taken care of. While they are on Earth, the goddesses themselves, primarily, Belldandy and Urd can separate into smaller versions of themselves to conserve energy. Urd has a secondary energy resource in the form of Saki while Skuld has a secondary source of energy through ice cream. I forgot what Belldandy's secondary source of energy is but I think it's moonrocks. These goddesses can absorb any type of food, which their bodies can store as energy. While Belldandy's contract has rendered her responsibilities as a goddess to a support class, her contract with Keiichi ended up binding her life with that of Keiichi.

belldandy seems to enjoy making food for Keiichi and that her dietary requirements has never been addressed in the manga or in the anime version.

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Belldandy sometimes shares meals with Keiichi and eats what he eats, which includes meat and fish.

4 hours ago, Keiichi Morisato said:

I forgot what Belldandy's secondary source of energy is but I think it's moonrocks.

Belldandy recharges by sleeping. The synthetic moon rocks were a temporary expedient for all three Goddesses while Yggdrasil was off-line rebuilding the Universal Cosmic String.
Why does lying in bed for ten minutes in the morning feel so much better than lying there for ten minutes at night?

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