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Would K1 ever cheat on Belldandy?

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Oh, so you mean it to be the system force? haha, nice one, it's acually a catchy name

But I think Kei is sincerely modest enough, regardless of the space magic

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So will K1 ever cheat on bell.?


1. Would you? (I won't ...wink wink).


2.No for the simple reason that their relationship is beyond the physical.


Watching season 1 episode 7, where Bell is trying to ''find a romantic place'' (or trying too hard to do her job)....Keiichi stops her and asks....I want to know what Belldandy likes...what Belldandy's favourite places are.(That's why I like get some gems of wisdom sometimes).


Then in episode 8....Bell has a cold...and Keiichi goes to the pharmacist to get her some drugs.Now...the drugs probably won't work for a goddess....but Belldandy is soooo appreciative...and gives Keiichi such a look of glad if he was the greatest thing since the invention of the teabag. (Which made me laugh....but also struck me as very touching).


Then episode 13....where Bell and Kei are facing the fact that they may have to be separated because of the Bugs Incident....and Keiichi's behaviour...well....he does not try to force Bell to stay....even though it is obvious he wants her to stay....but he is willing to let her go.(He is willing to let her go....note that).And Bell is so upset about having to leave her beloved, one and only, her rock ,keiichi all alone  that poor old  Skuld starts feeling bad too and thus repairs her bug catching machine


On to season 2....and the episodes with the sweater and the ring....and the emotions swirling around.Note that the important thing about both gifts is the feelings....and the fact that both gifts are products of self sacrifice.Which to me is a vital fuel for love....whether between parents and their kids, lovers, friends, etc. When we love someone...we are willing to sacrifice for the expense of our comfort. And the gifts (the sweater and the ring) serve as a reminder of that an evidence of shared love Obviously not your typical gifts or gift giving.


Long and short is....those kind of relationships....where there is a strong emotional bond....are the kind that really last till death do us part. It also explains,in my opinion,why for much of the run of the manga and anime...there was no sex. It was not really necessary. The real cement of a relationship is the emotional investment brought into it.Hey...for a relationship to be successful...there has to be a strong emotional bond first....before the physical and other bonds. And there is such a strong  emotional bond between Kei and Bell....that breaking it would just be as hard as me using a hammer to break up Mt Everest in two days. 


Which is why a cheating my opinion....would be so out of character. would be nigh impossible.

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Some corrections...and additions.

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K1 won't cheat on Bell for one other good reason....

1.When your father-in law is a powerful ten-dimensional god..with the power to do and undo at the sub-molecular level, that might provide some incentive for K1 to make the relationship work....

2.And of course, when your wife has enough power to wreck a whole planet if she so wishes.....incentive just went up.

3.On a more serious note, why(as i said earlier on this thread) would K1 cheat on a lady who is very very beautiful, has a good character, and loves him with all her heart? He would be foolish to do so.

4.Ultimately, K1 is just too much in love with Bell to cheat on they have been through much together..


Bell cheating on K1...not possible for the simple reason that Bell isn't a looks-oriented person. She fell in love with K1 because he 'was so kind'.....

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No, and the reason is very simple: he knows Belldandy trusts him. He will not betray her trust. He will not hurt her. Nothing else is relevant.
Helga and her trained Zealand soldiers were Plan A. Michael and I were, at best, Plan O — for Oh Shit.

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