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Who's the most powerful in A!MG?

3 battles to determine the strongest  

81 members have voted

  1. 1. The epic duel, Urd vs. Lind - no seals, no enka, both at full power

    • Urd
    • Lind
  2. 2. An all out struggle, Belldandy vs. Mara - both unsealed, no rock

    • Belldandy
    • Mara
  3. 3. Bell vs. Peorth - no 3-round contest, a battle to the death using all their power

    • Belldany
    • Peorth

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One thing I've been wondering about lately is the power levels of the goddesses and demons in A!MG.

Perhaps it's just me, as my other favorite anime/manga is Dragonball, but I am always fascinated when it comes to who can beat who in a fight, and who can truly be called the most powerful. I unfortunately do not have any of the manga for A!MG at this point, and so if some of these questions have already been answered there I apologize.

First of all, just how powerful are Urd and Belldandy in comparison with other goddesses? Are they considered some of the more powerful in heaven, or are there many with roughly the same capabilities? I mean, with Urd's mother being the Daimakaicho, I would think she would have some pretty good genetics for holding a lot of power. Would she then be the most powerful in the universe with the exception of Hild and the Almighty?

And about Hild and God, just how did they get as powerful as they are? Is it just that they are the oldest? I've been trying to go through the Timotheus articles, and I think I saw that there might have been others in the same position as them and with about as much strength. If this is the case, why don't we see other members of the goddess/demon races with powers in between Belldandy, Urd, Mara, and the others, and the astronomically greater power levels of Hild and God?

I mean, Lind is one of the most powerful Valkyries, the group of goddesses specifically trained for offense, but she doesn't seem all that much more powerful than Belldandy or the others, at least not in the anime.

As far as the characters that we do see: Peorth, Belldandy, Urd, Mara, Lind, and Welsper, what order would they be in as far as power levels? I know Urd and Lind are both more powerful than Bell, and Mara seemed willing to fight Belldandy even before she realized that she had a seal on her power. Belldandy does seem more powerful than Peorth (or at least she won the contest they had, which was somewhat dependant on their magical abilities), and I have no idea about Welsper.

So does anyone know the answers to any of these questions?

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That doesn't really answer anything...

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Keiichi Morisato

You have to discount Hild and the Almighty, because they are considered the supreme beings of their respective regions. Beyond that, you have to restrict this topic to the goddesses and demons that are lower than Kami-sama and Hild. :ahappy:

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Remember that as far as AMG is concerned, the objective is much less combating each other, and rather the War of Souls, aka, fighting over 'us'.) It's been shown at least in Belldandy's case, (and probably for all three Norns as a result,) that their powers are Sealed to prevent lasting DBZ scale damage to the very world they are either nurturing (goddesses) or planning to subjugate (demons.)

There may be a deliberate drop off between Almighty and Hild, in terms of power, before you get to the celestials we all know and shudder at. (Belldandy using 1/1,000,000th or something, of her unsealed power to repair the residence after the LOT (Lord of Terror) bit, makes for a shudder.) Why we don't see the probability (if more than possibility,) of the higher powered intermediaries, is that it's likely we just haven't seen them yet. It could be there isn't one set of this in between, but that's unlikely a case.

I remember at least, and developed such in my mind, from the AMG movie, of there being Council Seat gods, from those scenes the chamber of meeting was shown, where Peorth and Celestine was shown within. The gods and goddesses at this level would likely meet such a criteria, as Celestine was a Lower Seat god, and therefore it seems likely there's Higher seat ones above this level.

But then the celestials at this level don't measure power simply in the raw form. Hild shuddered at Bell's power when she converted Blue Lance during the Eater Arc, which defeated Hild's plan at the time to corrupt the goddesses, the rest of the particulars we know of. The goddesses at least, also base more off emotional wavelengths, than in mere terms of power, since Lind of note, needed trust to bring her Twins out, rather than all her violent training, to accomplish her own goal.

And on top of this, I suspect a familial angle to all of this lies in the Doublet System, which prevents as much as possible, the outright killing of each side's forces. Hild may have as much to lose family wise because of this, as the goddesses do. Otherwise, why enter a compact that is an outright disadvantage (strategically and tactically,) for the Demons, who use their power more than the goddesses seem to seek to do. There's probably too much to lose, in a War that would likely obliterate us as well. Given the way the AMG universe works, I really dissuade from thinking power is the point here.

Sure, Urd is likely the more powerful of the nominal goddesses, due to her unique heratige and all, and as such admitted by Belldandy. (And easily far more shown in the Devil Urd Arc,) but the License systems also seem to render this into account, for the very same reasons. Why have a controlling System that limits power, unless a War is not the point as well. (Not a true Armageddon brand anyway.) There's also that weird Triple goddess challenge that Peorth and Bell had fun with in the Peorth Arc, to settle disputes between beings that could easily go wizard war on each other, otherwise.

And then the Angels the goddesses use, and most willingly so it may seem, another vector of controlling powers, using a being that also shows what a goddess really is inside? Even Urd went through that, and Skuld leaned the hard way what dealing with all that means. Strange that Hild wanted to use a version of this, the Familiars, as her attempted method of control over the goddesses. Why go that far? There's more to power here than there is being shown. (And yes, if Skuld, Peorth, and possibly Lind had been so infected, they might have not been so fortunate as Bell turned out.)

These all look to me brakes against what this thread is about.

But for the fun side of it, 'if' we remove Hild and Almighty from the picture here, the question still becomes muddled. Urd might be an outright choice for the reasons shown. (And again as Bell admitted to,) but then we'd have to remove all those Seals, Licenses, and whatnot, to really see objectively with.

If we put all those in, Hild wins outright, if the Almighty does not intervene. If Belldandy had no Seal, would she still stand a chance? (Remember when Hild came down, she was apparently holding back, and her Seals were just gaudy ridiculous, in size comparison to Bell's. Would Urd match Bell's power, as a Second Class? (If a First class is another matter, which is a probable, partial reason why she chose 'not' to be a First Class when she had the chance.) Would Skuld as a First Class be just as powerful? Peorth as an apparent, equal type First Class, should be able to. Lind's special license, have we seen 'everything' that it can do? Mara's license version seems to fall in line with the goddess versions, so should technically be able to match. But is it Sealed? If so, who knows what we're missing out on Mara here along these lines.

If only we, as said, remove Hild from all of this. Hild just is possibly too powerful, compared to Belldandy's power, if both were unSealed somehow, at the same time. If otherwise, then we wonder again about the Norn bit, and then back to Urd and Skuld. Does the Norn part grant anything more? If not, Hild won't have much a problem if there was a serious power struggle. Bell vs. Urd? I'm not so sure it's so clear cut either there. Those Licenses again mean something, and Urd only was as powerful as she got in the LOT arc, with help.

But if the aforementioned Demon Urd Arc, concerning her Light side is an indication, just what is it exactly that makes Urd apparently more powerful than Bell, if this is 'actually' the case. (Bell has an admittedly passive streak, while Urd loves Power for what it is. Reality is what one sometimes believe in of themselves with.

And then back to Skuld. She apparently looks a lot like her 'daddy', as Hild imparted in the Hild arc, which makes wonder is it just more than looks, if we presume Almighty is the father of the Norns. (Which I have a hard time not seeing personally. There seems enough signals to me there.)

And as for Welsper, when originally in demon-humanoid format, it's likely he was possibly at the time, if he'd grown up properly, rather than under that Curse and all, he'd equal Belldandy's power, if in Wind format at least. (Who knows how much more.) The shame for him, he was stuck in a body format that couldn't handle the growing power, which lends to this not being very meek at that, power level wise and all. Given his attitude and such for disregard of the Rules, save (though possibly because of) for the Doublet System, he might be the one being that could have answered this question more properly. As he went haywire otherwise, if he'd been a normal Demon, by the normal rules and all, he'd probably be the Demon equivalent of Belldandy, Sealed at the very least. This might eclipse Urd as well in fact, but, we simply will never know. (Not without a heck of a lot of guesstimation and great leaps of imagination here.)

So, if we include Hild, no contest. Bye bye universe as we know it. Almighty would have to step in.

If we do 'not', then the question is muddled a lot more than is comfortable. Urd should be, but then is her power Sealed the same as Bell's? And then we go back to a round about argument that again ends up with something unclear as heck.


To come at a basic choice here, I'd say this as much:

Belldandy has the most Power in precision, depending on the Seals beyond this.

Urd has the most raw Power. (And the lust for it.)

Skuld... eh, we'd have to wait and see. (Though if the second Skuld-Sentaro arc is an indicator, her water powers are not meek.)

Lind, most raw brute in speed Power. (And the military mind to use it.)

Mara, the choice to be on Earth to face the Norns in the first place, so no sneeze in Power there.

Peorth, an equal to Belldandy, though in Power, depends on if the Norn title means anything between the two.

And for addition to muse by:

Hild... she has big far hair Seals, what else do you want? (Poor bell gong tower.)

Almighty... Creator... can cut off other's powers with ease. Gee.....


And for something else to chew on. Not sure if it works similarly and all, but it seems a goddess relies on as much converted energy from the worlds they reside/visit upon, as they do from love to blossom their power from. Take the first Skuld-Sentaro arc. Skuld wasn't going much anywhere in her training, until Sentaro came along. Love seems to act like a transformer (amplifier if you will,) to boost their power, in as much as varying reasons for that control.

Which must means Urd can't hide the same so easily, though her understanding of that control is another practiced matter. Makes one wonder then, if Keiichi was in the same gods/goddess vein of this argument, how'd he turn out, given how Belldandy is because of him. All that angels fed by a goddesses love, don't come from fancy, nor does love in of itself then. Keiichi 'using' said Angel powers shouldn't be laughed off either.

This is by no means pure expertise on my part, but given the complexity that is needed for power to become present for goddesses to use, one wonders how the Demons approach all this then, going back to the War of Souls bit. Could by simply that hate drives them, as one would expect of Demons. But then again why for the Doublet bit? Licensing and all that? (Or classification in the Demon sense.)

I wonder, and this goes off topic in saying, that Demons may be less hateful in approach, and more competitive instead, in their tasks to combat the goddess objectives, and their 'market share' over us mortals. It seems the AMG universe was set up as the evolved version of football, or some other highly competitive, and spirited sport, rather than a base and meaningless war that does 'no one' no good. (Kill off the ones you hawk over, and you don't have anything to hawk over anymore. Where's the point 'then'?) That doesn't mean things like LOT and his Demon gate aren't there. Every war has to have it's epic moments and all.

But then there were a lot of rules concerning that too, involving goddesses no less in fact.

And because I do this part, sorry for the long post, but my mind came into this haphazard way of answering this question, since just having power for it's own sake, seems redundant in ways, given the rules in place. Celestine just using that, the rules he knew, and an objective no less damaging than LOT's was, didn't get anywhere either in the end. We may be the plane, in AMG terms, that concerns itself with power too readily. If the celestials in the AMG universe were so responding, I don't think things would have been so serene in the AMG universe, as it has turned out for one little Japanese Prefecture.

And we have been mostly talking about destructive power, what about other forms? (back to Belldandy's unSealed power to restore the temple. And then at the end of the Eater arc, to.. uh.. rebuild the Temple and all.

As a certain Vulcan once said in an overprices movie, it's always been easier to destroy, than to create. What if 'that' isn't so for the goddesses, if things are so apparent. Creative power would be it's own argument, and from there split power into components, and argue who's character was most powerful at 'that' aspect of power.

Anyone else think it's so simple anymore? Fans will choose what they will, no problems with that. I just don't think it's so clear cut as it seems. Still flame this apart with my blessing if so wanted. This long arse post deserves that much. =^^= (Maybe more, who knows.) But this is how I see it, in my muddle brained fashion and all.

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Wow.......that was a whole lot of writing. but it did make sense :-D

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Just Plain Evil

Since we cant include hild and kami sama..

Id go for urd.(not being a fanboy here...>_>)

Nothing beats an explosive temper.,did some research,and boy..those bolts are lethal.

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LOT and his Demon gate

If I remember correctly, it's anime-only thing. In anime everything was simplified, and demons' ideas and aims are not an exception.

Hild is the most powerful character of all we've seen. Kami-sama may be stronger, weaker or equal, it wasn't mentioned, as well as it wasn't mentioned if he is The Creator or not.

Urd is the most powerful goddess (both Bell and Peorth stated it), but her power is sealed by her license, and she refuses to change this situation.

Lind, Peorth and Bell are more or less equal with difference in specialisation. Bell doesn't have the strongest attacks, but she has courage, and usually controls her powers very well. We haven't seen Peorth fighting, but she uses magic easily on everyday basis, it requires both power and concentration. Lind said that her axe is not a weapon, but an equipment that keeps her from really hurting others. Even Hild sees her as a serious opponent.

Mara has the license similar to the three above, which means her raw power has to be on the same level, and she controls it pretty well. She is sometimes afraid of Bell not because of the power, but because Mara has weaknesses and is afraid that Bell may use them.

Welsper in his human form was very powerful, maybe even Urd's level. But definitely not now.

Skuld is the weakest one now, but, as her domain is Future, she may change it in few years.

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as far as the Manga is concerned the Strongest is Urd.

Just a simple Touch on the Shoulder was enough

for First class Goddess Urd to Burn First class Goddess Peorth

with her Aura. We have never seen any other

First Class Goddess or Demon Do this.

Not Belldandy,

Not Peorth,

Not Lind,

Not Mara.

and also take into account that all of them were

wearing Power Seals.

Urd is Normally a Second Class Goddess so She obviously wears a Seal.

And for First Class Goddesses it is Mandatory to wear one.

Mara Has one as well

and Hild has Three or five.

Also Urd was Capable of

Casting, Controlling, and shrinking

"Sky Splitting Thunder Blast" a

high level first class Attack spell

on her first try.

A sign of true power is the ability

to control that power.

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Yeah, I have to agree... Hild and Kami-sama are prob. the same power level and there are no powers above them that we know there's your basic answer.

As others said, if you dismiss both of them, Urd is technically the most powerful. I'm betting that being the child of both Hild and Kami-sama she is more powerful than either if only her Demon and Goddess sides could find the proper alignment. Only theory of course...but still... ;)

You may want to read Timotheus' articles if you haven't already...they may give you some more insight here.

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Guest Noble Scarlet

This is the one thing I hate about A!MG all of these goddess' have SO much power and you never get to see them use it. (WOW! you rebuilt a house...congratulations.) Whats the point of putting in Lind if you never get to see her seriously fight? Whats the point of the angels if theres never anything serious trying to harm the goddess'?

I either want to see some serious fighting before this series is over or someone die because if something interesting doesn't happen soon I'm going to be extremely disappointed.

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Kami Sama aka God. End of thread.

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