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Fujishima announce new series: Residence Paradise

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Some sources in this days indicate that Kosuke Fujishima has decided to start a new series in Afternoon

The series will call "Residence Paradise", as i know the series is refered to a big school (university) residence with different members and circumstances, maybe the idea birth of the Morisato Residence and his many visitors...

Well, the sources




Maybe Fujishima-sensei wants to delegate or just make supervision of the series to other mangakas, because the series has a huge fandom in Japan and every part of the world, and it´s still profitable,

Remember, in October 24th is the official day to celebrate the 20th anniversary (the event of anniversary in Japan is in this day too) we are waiting to hear news about new material of AMG, specially a third season

I don´t think that Fujishima wants to end the series yet, i think he wants to get more time to think in the plot of the story than draw it, he will made some papers of what he want, and his team could do the manga drawing...

Well, i send the source about it, that is a part of the announces linked to the 20th anniversary

In Japanese (the three sources)


2008年10月17日 (金)

藤島康介氏 新連載、タイトル発表!!



















































The news in english (using google translator)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kosuke Fujishima's new series, the title announced!

As I wrote yesterday, and today you to Osaka interfere with SHIMASHI good! Planning afternoon press conference held in Osaka and we have edited.

We bring everybody you, Thank you very much.

You will be charged from the vitality!

We'll try full dispute, so wrong about you for help,

Thank you!


good! 初号afternoon lineup of

The last title was to be determined by the last name was冠SA!

Yasushi Huzishima介SAN, "Oh My Goddess!" Will be the first time since the formal title of the new series is!

"Paradise Residence"

Yes, Paradise is the story of a residence.

I do not know right from the English-speaking I'm not?

Indeed, his residence in Paradise, Fujishima's long-awaited new series really is.

What kind of story, fun to read, if that.

I say, we will feel too good.

Only one, I swear申SHI上GEMASHOU.

---- Cute!

Huzishima work, is a likeable, is a blow!

A total of 20 titles,出SOROIMASHITA it.

good! Crunch初号afternoon to release another 21, 2007.

Just three weeks after the unveiling in front of everyone.

Max up to our expectation, is okay.

good! Afternoon,轟KASE roar of the soon-to-ignition!

※ The plan announced today was in the entrance hall of the signs.

CHAA OSHIMAI I'm saying,

When I saw it, just CHAIMASHITA erupted.

What's not to EMUKAMI.

It's like a joke!


Kosuke Fujishima's "Paradise Residence"

Mark ★ it's got no mistakes personally hand acupuncture points are thought to work. It's like a writer?.

Fujishima Village, Sha said he's also concerned about the new product.

Recently, the writer's name or has been so覚ENAKU (Oh, Oh Pieces) also may have read that there are people who・・・


Kosuke Fujishima (Oh My Goddess!)

The residences of Paradise

Oh, Oh My Goddess! Fujishima's first new series will be.

It will be a new first time in 20 years, you know.

The stage seems to be a certain school dormitory, it works a lot of expectations.

Fujishima's new and daring,

It did not sign with the intent is to edit.


Ah! i almost forget it, Kodansha edition of afternoon will be delayed two week because they want to send the edition of the magazine in the same month as the cover says...

Well, that´s all till this moment, i hope some big news in the 20th anniversary celebration.



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Thanks for sharing that little piece of information, morisato_kun. Then, I take it that was the big Kousuke Fujishima announcement that had been hinted at? This is sad development. I was kind of hoping that news of a third season would be announced for the coming year.

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not yet KM, this is one part of the news concerning the jobs of Fujishima sensei, i think that he will got time to do new projects if he use a team of drawing of his new series, because he is taking time to make better stories, i think if he will get time to do more projects, then AMG could be easily possible in the near future

this news belongs to the future announces of Fujishima - sensei towards the official ceremony of 20th anniversary of AMG in October 24th (2 day more to celebrate the 20th aniversary)

if this new is coming to us, then we got to wait to hear about more things and projects of Fujishima respect to our beloved goddesses, i don´t think he will finish the series now, 10 chapters is few to finish the series, at least he will need 30 or 50 episodes to finish it in good way...

this will mean at leat three years more of AMG by the way, let´s be positive and pray to hear good news in the official event of the 20th anniversary...


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After forwarding the information that morisato_kun gave me to Anime News Network, they were able to get some additional and more detailed information regarding Fujishima's new series and that it'll debut next month in a new publication from Kodansha. The new publication will debut 20 additional titles and will appear on November 7th. Let's hope we can all get a glimpse at the scans for this publication:


Special thanks to morisato_kun and additional translations from Anime News Network for the new information.

Here's a pic of the new cover-montage advertisement for the brand new "Good Afternoon" publication:


More additional information:

Official Website: http://kc.kodansha.co.jp/magazine/index.php/13872

Enlarged image of the new Fujishima figurine: http://good-afternoon.weblogs.jp/.shared/i...rimg13153_2.jpg

Another Image: http://good-afternoon.weblogs.jp/.shared/i.../dsc01270_2.jpg

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I just read this in ANN just a few minutes before coming on here. A few things came to mind when I read this:

1) It's good he's using college students instead of the standard high school kids. There is a market out there for this age.

2) What is the basic plot of this series? From all I've read there was no hint except for the sandwich board.

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And as before, The Goddess Project, is credited with the information. This is the second time that we have been credited with exclusive information with special thanks to morisato_kun for the information and Anime News Network for the more detailed information. :ahappy:

See? It pays to be a member of our community because where else are you going to get exclusive information about Fujishima-san and his various projects. :thumbsup: :ahappy:

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Now it makes sens why he's letting other manga artists take over the artwork for AMG, it would be nearly impossible for him to draw and write two series at once, but if he lets another person do the drawing for AMG, he canstill do the sotry and have time for a second series, maybe he shold let another person do the artwork for this series as well, that way he can focus on just getting out good storylines, and maybe devote some time to the anime series for AMG.

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it would be nearly impossible for him to draw and write two series at once

There are japanese mangakka that work on two to three series at once.

Especially if they're doing the artwork alone. With the current(drawn out!) pacing on A!MG, I could easily see him working on both series at once. He certainly isn't the first artist to have two series running in comic anthologies at once. Besides, we don't know how long this new series is going to run in the first place.

Google translations are completely pointless. I really wish we had some more fluent Japanese readers here in the GP community. I really want to know what the genre this will be and what the series is going to be about! *_*

That being said, I'm really excited that Fuji-sensei is finally trying out a new series! Initially, the concept sounded way to similar to Love Hina. My guess is it's an excuse to flex his character design muscles and because he's gotten a little bored with AMG recently. I think the whole stream of random characters like The Gate, Chrono and co. is because Fujishima is more known for his character designs and it's something he wants to do more but it doesnt totally fit the feel of A!MG. With a dormhouse full of potential characters he can introduce as he pleases, he may be able to design new characters to his heart's content with the new series.

I just hope he's as passionate about the stories as he is about designing the characters.

EDIT: The creator of Blade of the Immortal has a new series in the upcoming anthology,too! That IS exciting!

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I don´t think that Fujishima wants to end the series yet, i think he wants to get more time to think in the plot of the story than draw it, he will made some papers of what he want, and his team could do the manga drawing...

I disagree. I've heard that he wanted to end the manga years ago but was talked out of it by Kodansha. Frankly AMG, while being something I still follow, is rather dull. Fujishima-sensei going through all the old favorite characters for the 20th also smacks of a farewell tour.

Regardless, I hope that with this new manga series, Fujishima-sensei won't have a non-romance romance. *_*

Edited by AstroNerdBoy

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I heard the same thing about Fujishima wanting to end the series about a year ago from various sources but that Kodansha pressured him into continuing the manga series so they could celebrate its 20th anniversary. Ah! My Goddess is one of Kodansha's cash cows and they stand to lose potential revenue if the series were to end. I think this was also the reason why Fujishima-san cut back his time on working on the manga series from 12 chapters per year to 9 and it would go a long way to explaining why he did that.

With the emergence of this new manga series, I think Fujishima-san may end up ending Ah! My Goddess sometime over the next year and concentrate on the new series. Unless, he plans on leaving the writing and the illustrating of the new series to a new creative team. Either way, it's all good news that he's decided to start a new series and maybe we'll finally get a satisfying conclusion to the manga series that has went on for far too long ...

I do have to agree that a lot of the stories that Fujishima has done recently has been just rehashing old ideas ... while there have been some good chapters and the art has been better than ever, I think that the series is at an excellent point to end with a satisfactory ending ... or, at the very least, put it on a temporary hiatus.

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Fujishima-sensei going through all the old favorite characters for the 20th also smacks of a farewell tour.

I really hate to say it but to me that's what it sounds like. How often do you normally see the re-emergence of characters that haven't been seen for awhile? Usually to say a final goodbye. Though like everyone else here i hope not.

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Well, like i've said before, it does look like the series is coming to a close, brining back all the people in the previous few arcs does signal that, although I won't mind if it continues, as long as it remains entertaining, but if it does end I hope its a satisfying ending, that ties up all the major plot strings, personally I want to see them get married or at least engaged, and maybe have some kids.

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