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what is your most terrible wound?

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Keiichi Morisato    416
Keiichi Morisato
4 minutes ago, DeLtA said:

Oh god, what a dick move. Did he ever apologize for that (without prompting from the parents)? Jeez.

I don't recall, it was such a long time ago. The only thing I do remember is that our parents were very angry that he did that. There was simply no way to explain how I was soaking wet, from head to toe. My dad worked construction at the time so he didn't find out until he got home. But, I know that he was in trouble from our mom and dad when all was said and done. I was just lucky that some friendly friends were there to pull me out when my small hands broke the surface of the water. My head didn't even break the surface and they both lifted me out. I know I was mad at my brother for a long while. He might have been scared over doing that but I just don't remember exactly what. We were very young when that happened and he did it because he was mad at me for getting in his way. When I stood up, he pushed me backwards and I went into the river. He knew that I couldn't swim either and I panicked when I went into the river.

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grayfox123    133

Most terrible wound?


Happened when I was ten. It was a school day, and it was break time (recess to some)...and we were playing Police and thief (Cops and Robbers to Americans).

Was one of the 'robbers', and had just run into the classroom for a few minutes, then I just happened to look up, and saw one of my classmates, who was a 'cop' closing the door.

Like the reckless chap I was back then, I ran and tried to push the door open.

Except that the door was partly made of glass ...and in the process of pushing the door open, I sort of pushed both my arms through the glass partitioning.......and ended up with some nasty cuts on both my arms.

Was rushed to a nearby clinic where I got patched up, and also got some stitches on one of the wounds (Ouch)....and to cut a long story took about six weeks for the wounds to heal (except for one wound on my left hand which got infected, and took longer to heal). I also got a lot of antibiotic shots (Ouch again)...including ten days worth of penicillin injections.(Never again!).

I still have some of the scars.

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