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  • General Policy: This website ( and the aforementioned anime and manga message forums ( is an online community that encourages an exchange of information and ideas, embraces an exchange of international culture and allows philosophical discussion among our general membership. We also encourage the exchange of culture and to expand the concept and understanding of what is offered through Japanese anime and manga.

    Section 1. Registration Policy

    1a. The registration process that we offer provides a free forum account to every person who goes through the registration process. While these accounts are free to the public, there is a specific requirement that each person registering for an account must be at least 13 years of age or older (at the time of their registration) in order to apply for a free account. This policy is in place to protect the privacy of underaged children and due to the fact that the content on our message forums is not marketed for children.

    1b. If you happen to register for an account and you are under the age of 13, you may not hold anyone person or entity liable for violating our registration policy. This also means that if you happen to misrepresent your age during the age verification process, that you may not register for a free forum account. Anyone who registers for an account, and they are under the age of 13, will be in violation of our registration policy, our terms of service agreement, and our forum rules.

    1c. You also hereby agree that as a condition of your registration that you will follow our forum rules, code of conduct, terms of service agreement and any other policies or guides that have been made available to every registered member. The administrator of this community retains the right to update the forum rules and policy guides as needed and without warning; it's also the responsibility of every registered member to be aware of these changes and to follow them accordingly. Even if you are not aware of these changes, or the forum rules, you are still bound by them and required to follow them.

    Section 2. Behavior and Forum Posting

    2a. Members may not engage in any type of conduct, create any new content, or post any content or material that is considered to be false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, intimidating, invasive of someone's privacy or in violation of any local, state, government or international law. Furthermore, any activity that prevents or restricts any member of this community from using the services that are provided by this website are also prohibited.

    2b. Members will behave in a civil manner and treat each and every member of this community, the message forums and the forum staff with kindness, respect and common courtesy, even if you happen to disagree with that person. Remember, everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to express their opinion. If you cannot post a response or join a discussion in a respectful manner or you cannot post in a constructive tone, then don't respond. Disrupting the forums in any fashion is prohibited and this includes personal insults or attacks, inflammatory comments, rudeness or any other form of uncivil or disrespectful behavior and/or language.

    2c. Members may not post any advertising in any topic that generates income for any entity whether that's selling merchandise or advertising for services. This restriction includes website links, banners, images, avatars, signatures, posted messages, new topics, personal messages, comments or any other type of unsolicited content that is classified as an advertisement for any business, company, corporation, retailer or service that generates any form of income or revenue for selling merchandise or advertising for services. Those who wish to advertise on our website or message forums can contact the site administrator by using our 'Contact Us' form found in the footer section of any page of this website.

    Section 3. Use of Material, Copyright

    3a. The content posted on the message forums is wholly owned by the author posting that content. Neither the administrator nor the moderators can strip someone of the right to the content any member posts on the forums. Whether it's fanart, fan fiction, articles, wallpaper images, avatars, etc., before you download the content or share the link, ask the user who posted that content for their permission before you use it. if you cannot get a response, contact anyone from the forum staff and ask them for assistance in getting an answer. Do NOT use or download any content unless you have permission from the user who posted that content.

    Section 4. Liability

    4a. This message forum community depends on 'user generated content'. While our forum staff does everything within its power to ensure that no user is posting inappropriate content, we also rely on the membership to report content that they find to be offensive, inappropriate or that otherwise violates our forum rules or stated policies. With that said, neither the owner of this website, the webmaster, administrator, moderators, forum staff, members, webhost, registrar or any other person or entity can be made liable for the content posted on the message forums. The only person that may be found liable for posting such content is the user who posted it. If you discover that someone has posted liable content, report it immediately, and we will respond to any such request, inquiry or complaint.

    4b. The forum account that you registered for is granted with the expressed condition that you will follow the forum rules and respect the community. If you happen to violate the forum rules, you may not hold anyone associated with this site liable for your lack of access to the community. This is a privately owned website and forum community and the services provided to your account are a privilege, not an inalienable right. When you violate the forum rules, those privileges can be removed from your account. While we don't censor or modify what our members post, it's important that each and every member follow the rules because content that is found to be in violation can and will be removed from the forums.

    Section 5. No Racism

    5a. This warning is for every registered member of this community and is intended to make sure everyone understands this. Members may not engage in any behavior that is considered to be offensive based on someone's cultural identity or religious background. This means that members are banned from posting any content that is considered to be racist: posted messages, new topics, avatars, signatures, website links, personal messages, comments, status updates, ethnic slang or any other form of derogatory remarks. If you're not sure if something is considered to be racially offensive, use a search engine. If you're still unsure, ask anyone from the forum staff.

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