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  • Copyright Disclaimer

    The administrator of this website and its forum community located at the following domain name ( cannot be held liable for the content posted by its registered members. Each user is responsible for the content for which they post. This includes, without limits: forum topics, posted messages, community articles, instant messages (shoutbox, IRC, live chat), article comments, status updates, personal messages, images, animated graphics, website links or any other format by which is submitted through the account of a registered user. Each user assumes the liability of the content they post. However, the administrator will respond to any request from any legally authorized representative to remove such content. Be aware that such takedown requests must be from the entity who owns the copyright or license to such content. Requests from fansite operators will not be considered.

    I. DMCA, Content Removal

    Under the DMCA (Digital Millenium and Copyright Act), the administrator of this community will honor any request from any copyright owner, licensing agent, licensed publisher or distributor who requires that content be removed from this site. Be aware that we will only honor legitimate requests from actual copyright owners; personal requests will not be honored pertaining to content removal. Note: Requests from anyone who is NOT a legal representative from the originating copyright owner will NOT be responded to NOR honored (see below).

    II. Fanart and Copyright Law

    Because of the question of legality regarding fanart, the administrator will not respond to individual requests for removing fanart unless the request comes from the original manga publisher, anime studio, licensing agent or licensed distributor of that content. Someone who creates fanart does not have any legal rights to request that such fanart to be removed from any site. The administrator will only respond to official inquiries from the legal representatives of the original publisher, anime studio, licensing agent or licensed distributor of that property.

    II. Other Content Removal

    This website and its community provides user generated content. While the administrator takes no part in bearing the responsibility of content posted by its members, if someone discovers that content appears on the site that they have created, contact the site administrator at Where it concerns content that was uniquely created, that content can be removed upon request or credit can be given to the creator of that content as well as a link back to their personal website where it was found.

    IV. Content Removal Guidelines

    The following will satisfy our requirement of an official request from a legal representative of the copyright holder, publisher and/or licensed distributor:

    1. when requesting any content to be removed, send your request, in English, to
    2. a request must also be received through registered mail (contact webmaster for address)
    3. include the URL to the content that you wish to be removed
    4. the request must be sent from the email address of the company of which you are representing
    5. attach an image scan of a letter (via email), along with your company's letterhead, requesting the removal of such content

    V. Addendum

    Since copyright information is provided on each and every page that content appears on, if copyright credit needs to be updated, contact the webmaster and/or administrator of this site for modifying the copyright information that is display on content pages.

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