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  • General

    This website and its forum community provides a resource for visitors and registered members to browse, download, share ideas, provide feedback on nearly any topic under the sun. While there are some limits on the type of content that can be posted, these prohibited topics are very few and are addressed in these forum rules. Be aware that these rules exist to promote a safe and secure community and that our forum staff will impose and enforce these rules when they are required. Members are allowed to start new topics, post messages, provide feedback, send personal messages, rate content and whatever else under the sun completely free of charge. This community does survive on the generous donations of its members, which is where we receive our funding to keep this community moving forward.

    No Filesharing

    Due to the legality of online file-sharing, be aware that we do not allow file-sharing of any type. This is due to our agreement with our web-host provider and it insulates the community from any type of legal issues that may happen. For those looking for legal alternatives to watch anime online, there are several. Such as Crunchyroll, FUNimation, Youtube, Anime News Network, Viz Anime's Neon Alley, Hulu, Amazon and more. Currently, there are no legal alternatives to read manga online for free.

    The Basics

    1. The administrator has granted every registered member the ability to create topics, post messages, upload images, create status updates, send personal messages, update their user profile, add forum avatars and signatures and any other service provided through their validated account. With their account comes the responsibility of that member to follow the forum rules and to abide by any of the posted rules, policies or agreements provided on this website and/or forum community. Remember, each registered member is responsible for the content they post on the forums through their account and they may not hold anyone associated with this website or forum community liable for that same content.

    2. Every registered member has a responsibility to follow the forum rules, no matter if they are an administrator, a moderator or a regular member. When it becomes necessary, the forum staff retains the right to edit, modify or remove content from the forums where such content is found to violate the forum rules or is deemed to be inappropriate content for the community. The content that is removed or modified isn't intended to censor content but rather removing such content that is deemed inappropriate for the rest of the community. When content is modified, members are prohibited from reproducing that content.

    3. Members are prohibited from engaging in any type of behavior such as abusive, disruptive, intimidating, harassing, threatening, vulgar (profanity), defamatory, libelous, false, misleading, sexually oriented or that which violates local, state, government or international law. Furthermore, members are prohibited from violating someone's right to privacy or that which impedes, prevents, restricts or disrupts any guest, visitor or member from using the services of this website or community. There are no exceptions to this policy except when the administrator deems such restrictions.

    4. Members may not use the services of this website or its message forums to advertise for any business, company, retailer, service or website that generates revenue for such venues without prior approval from the site administrator. This restriction includes but is not limited to: website links, banners, images, avatars, signatures, usernames, user profiles, topics, comments, posted messages, personal messages, status updates or any other type of unsolicited referral to any physical or online entity. This website does provide advertising for those who are interested in advertising on the website or message forums.

    5. This community relies on "user generated content" and while the forum staff does everything in their power to remove content that violates the forum rules, it's the users who post that content who are liable for the conduct of their own accounts. If someone believes that inappropriate content was posted on the forums, they have a responsibility to report that content to either the site administrator or anyone from the forum staff. It's not required to send a personal message, just use the "report" feature attached to the forum post in order to flag that content.

    6. The administrator grants every registered member the ability to post content on the forums. These privileges include the ability to post messages, create topics, upload images, send personal messages, post comments, create profiles and use many of the other services that are provided to every member of this community. Remember, your forum account is a privilege, not an entitlement or a guaranteed right.

    Forum Rules

    1. It's the responsibility of every registered member to be aware of the forum rules and they apply to those respective members. While it's rare that someone will knowingly violate the rules, it's also not the responsibility of the site administrator nor the forum staff to remind everyone of the forum rules. Everyone agrees to abide by the terms of service agreement as well as the forum rules at the time they register for an account. These rules may be modified or updated at any time by the administrator.

    2. Please, do not post content that is considered to be inappropriate or what may be considered to be "adult-oriented". These are public forums and while registration is prohibited to anyone under the age of 13, we do have younger visitors to the message forums that often browse the posted content. The forum staff simply requests that only content that is "safe for work" be posted to the community. Just be mindful of the content being posted to the forums.

    3. Don't double post messages on the forums. When posting a message, we ask that members give some time for someone to respond before posting again. If you forgot to add something to your message, use the "edit" feature attached to the post. Members can repost again in the same topic if nobody has responded after a reasonable period of time. We just don't want a rapid succession of posted messages in the same topic by the same member in a short period of time. Just exercise some judgment.

    4. Members are not allowed to have more than one forum account. If you have more than one account, contact the site administrator immediately so that both of your accounts can be merged. If duplicate accounts are discovered by the administrator before you have notified them, both accounts could be restricted from posting until the owner of the duplicate accounts contacts the site administrator. There is a zero tolerance policy for duplicate accounts and members are encouraged to contact the administrator first.

    5. Racism is not allowed anywhere on this website or on the message forums by any registered member. Be warned that anyone who engages in this behavior will be permanently banned and their access to this community permanently blocked. This is inappropriate conduct that is unacceptable for this community and that we have a zero tolerance policy regarding this. This includes but isn't limited to ethnic jokes, slang or any form of language that could be seen as insensitive to any ethnicity.

    6. Be aware that due to repeated requests from the community, we have decided to prohibit the discussion of politics and religion from the forums. The reasons aren't important, only that we have learned from past experience that such topics have disrupted the community and encouraged heated arguments that resulted in a divided community. While the vast majority of discussion topics are allowed on the forums, politics and religion are the only two topics that are currently prohibited on the forums.

    7. Members are prohibited from threatening, harassing or intimidating any registered member of this community. Those who engage in this behavior will be permanently banned from the website and the message forums and will find their forum accounts permanently locked. This is a zero tolerance policy.

    8. Please, do not post any adult-related content on the forums. There are visitors younger than 13 years old who visit this website and the message forums and that we strongly request that members not post that content here. If the content is "not safe for work", then don't post it on our forums. The forums have been provided to ensure access to every visitor and registered member. Respect the younger members who visit our community who aren't allowed to register for an account.

    9. Everyone should be warned that members who copy and paste the same message or website link in multiple topics, status updates, comments, user profiles or wherever posting is allowed may find their forum accounts restricted for a period of time. It's fine if someone wants to post a message or share a website link; but, be warned, that if someone spams the forums with the same identical message or link, that those members will be restricted from posting for an indeterminate amount of time.

    10. Do not post any messages that are considered to be inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic as a means of disrupting the community. Members who engage in such negative or disruptive behavior will be permanently banned from the site and locked out of their forum accounts. While the administrator is reluctant to ban any member, we expect everyone to behave themselves when they are using the forums and interacting with the rest of the community.

    11. No profanity. Please understand that while we will allow some profanity to be posted on the forums, there is a limit to what we will allow. This means that members aren't allowed to use profanity on the forums that can be used as a personal direct insult, a sexual reference (such as F-Bombs) or using the name of religious beings as a means of profanity. Respect the community and please refrain from profanity. If you've posted something, edit out the language before someone from the forum staff can act upon the forum violation.

    Posting Rules

    1. Do not post any links to any file sharing website, software or service. This includes, but isn't limited to, torrent websites, P2P applications, warez message forums, file-lockers, or any other type of similar service. This is an anime community that supports the legal distribution of Japanese anime and manga and that we support licensed distributors of this content. Members who are looking for legal alternatives, such as free anime streaming websites, can request such information on the message forums themselves. However, be warned that posting links or requests for unofficial releases is a violation of the terms of service of this website.

    2. When creating new topics, check the forum that you're posting to ensure that your topic doesn't already exist. This is to ensure that there aren't identical topics in the same forum. Additionally, we ask that when you're creating your topics, be sure that you're posting your topic in the correct forum. If you're not sure, just ask the administrator or any forum moderator and they will point you in the right direction. Final note of interest, if your topic has disappeared, check your recent posted messages to determine if your topic has been merged with another topic. Occasionally, similar topics will be merged together, if they share the same area of discussion.

    3. The forum staff has been granted the ability to modify content posted on the forums if such content violates the forum rules, terms of service or the privacy policy posted on the site. When content is modified by either an administrator or any forum moderator, members are prohibited from re-posting that content anywhere on the site and said members are prohibited from editing content that was modified by anyone from the forum staff.

    4. Please, do not double post messages in any forum topic. Give another member a chance to respond to your message before you post again. If you forgot to add something to your posted message, use the edit key attached to your forum post to modify your content. If there hasn't been a respond to your message in a reasonable amount of time, you may post again in that topic without violating the 'double posting' rules. The forum staff doesn't want members posting several messages in a row in a short period of time; it could be seen as padding your post count.

    5. Members are prohibited from "cross posting". This involves the posting of the same message in multiple areas of the website or the message forums with the same content (posted messages, website links, etc). Engaging in this behavior will be seen as spamming the forums and your access to this website and its forum community will be restricted and/or banned, imposed by the administrator. The forum staff actively monitors the message forums.

    6. Do not create or participate in any type of flame war within this community. Members are warned that creating or participating in such topics will result in denied access to this website by the administrator. These type of topics are only designed to elicit a negative or heated response from members of this community and topics such as these only exist to disrupt the normal routine of this forum community. Such terminations of access to this site will be placed without warning and that members are urged not to participate in such topics. Please report any member who creates or engages in such behavior.

    Warnings, Suspensions and Restrictions

    Be aware that from time to time, our forum staff retains the ability to issue warning strikes, suspend someone's posting rights, apply a forum suspension that only the administrator can impose a forum ban. Every member can receive up to five warning strikes before their account is disabled. Suspensions can range anywhere from an hour to as long as a few days to a few weeks. These restrictions are imposed by the forum staff when they are called for. Where it concerns an actual forum ban, when a violation has become serious enough to warrant, only the administrator can impose a forum ban. When a registered member is affected by a warning, suspension, restriction or ban, they may NOT create a new account. If they do so in an attempt to circumvent the restriction, their access to this site and the community will be imposed. While forum suspensions, warning strikes and forum bans rarely happen, long as someone follows the forum rules, they have no reason to be concerned about this.

Board Life Status

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