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  • 1. User Data Collection

    This website ( and its related message forums ( does not collect, collate, compile, share, transmit, sell or trade any data or information regarding its visitors, guests or registered members. The only data or information that is kept regarding its users is their IP address (assigned by your ISP), email address (required for account registration), and length of visit. There is other types of information such as what type of browser someone uses, what pages on this site were accessed, how long a user visited the site and/or website page that was visited. This is simply technical information that is collected by every website and contains no personal information about anyone's identity.

    2. Children's Privacy Rights (COPPA)

    The administrator of this website ( and its message forums ( does not market, advertise or solicit this site or its community to anyone under the age of 13. Those who register for an account and are discovered to be under the age of 13 will find their accounts terminated and their access to this website blocked. This means that the user must be 13 years of age at the time of your registration and they may not deceive the registration form into getting an account. Such accounts will be terminated without warning or prior notice to the user. This policy is designed to protect the privacy of every user who visits this site. having an account is not required to browse the forums or the content posted. There is no exception to this policy.

    3. Cookies / European Law

    Changes in European law required website administrators to inform the user if the website uses "cookies" to store information. This website ( does not save cookies regarding its users. When someone logs into their site account, a session cookie is saved on their desktop, laptop or mobile device. This session cookie can be deleted by the user at any time by simply deleting all user data or history from their browser. Do an online search for information on how to clear your browser data/history. Users should not be concerned since we do not collect data about any user who visits or retains a registered account.

    4. Right to Forget / European Law

    The administrator of this website ( and its forum community ( will not honor any request to remove any content through the "Right to Forget" law that was passed in the European Union. This website and its administrator is located in the United States and is governed under the Constitution of the United States and U.S. law. This website and its community respects everyone's right to free speech and that the forum staff believes in a free and open exchange of ideas and information. Unless the posted content violates the rules and policies posted on the site, such content will not be removed.

    5. Third Party Links

    This website ( provides links to third party (external) websites. The administrator does not make any guarantees as to the content, privacy rights or management of such external websites. It's the user's responsibility to be aware of this when visiting these linked third party websites. These links are provided as a service with no guarantees.

    6. Opt-Out

    Be aware that content accessed through this website and its primary domain name ( does not have an opt-out system for its users. The only options that this site offers for this is through every registered user's profile. The user only needs to remove any notifications that are associated with their account by editing the settings associated with their account. This website only records statistical information about a user's visit (i.e., IP address, webpages visited on this site, length of visit, what was searched for, etc). Registration requires every user to provide an email address for registration and that for matters of forum administration and moderation, IP addresses are logged from every user.


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