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  • 1. Terms of Use

    This is an interactive website and forum community that allows any guest or registered member to download content, read articles, browse the forums and the images gallery. While browsing the forums is free to every user, a registered and validated account is required in order to create new topics, post messages, upload images or to send personal messages to other members. Be aware that every user is required to be 13 years of age at the time of their registration or they are in violation of our site policies.

    2. Registration Liability

    This is an open community where registration is open to every user. However, no user under the age of 13 is allowed to register for an account.. Every user must be 13 years of age at the time of their registration and that misleading the age verification screen will be a violation of the terms of service and forum rules of this website and forum community. Bypassing or misleading the age verification to register for an account absolves anyone involved with the operation and ownership of this website and forum community of any legal liability. This means that if you're under 13 and you register for an account, you may not hold the owner, administrator, forum staff, registrar nor web-host liable for the registration of your account. This also means you may not have another user register an account for your use either. Members who violate this policy will find their accounts terminated upon discovery. NO exceptions.

    3. Limited Liability

    This is a moderated website and forum community that relies on content generated by the community, providing original content that can also be viewed by visitors to the site who don't have an account. While there are site policies and forum rules that restrict certain content or material, the forum staff do their best to ensure that inappropriate content isn't posted on the site, (refer to the forum rules for what is or isn't allowed on the site). Except where permitted by law, nobody associated with the administration of this site — whether it's the site administrator, owner, registrar or web-host — can be held liable for the content posted by its members. This website relies on user generated content and only the person who posted that content can be held liable.

    4. User Liability
    The services provided by this site, which includes a variety of content such as articles, forum topics, posted messages, image galleries, etc, are provided free of charge to every user who browses this site. While this content is not harmful, user accepts all liabilities from using this site and may not hold the owner, administrator, web-host or registrar liable for any harm to user's computer, laptop, mobile device or any other type of mechanism used for accessing this site. Members are responsible for the content they post on the website and/or message forums.

    5. Modification
    The administrator of this site reserves the right to change, edit or modify any of the site's policies or forum rules where it's deemed to be appropriate. Such changes will be applied to the site immediately, whether the user has read them or not. The administrator has no duty or responsibility to inform its users of these changes and that it's the responsibility of the users to read over these site policies and forum rules at their discretion. When the user disagrees with these policies or forum rules, that user has the right to terminate its use of this site.

    6. Indemnity
    The administrator of this website provides services such as this website, message forums, image galleries to the members of this community as well as visitors to the site. By using these services, user agrees to free the administrator and any of its intermediaries (site administrator, owner, web-host, registrar) from any liability, expenses or damages stemming from the use of the services provided by this website. User accepts all liability from the use of the services provided by this website.

    7. Governing Law
    This website is governed by the laws of the United States and its accompanying jurisdictions (local, regional, state, federal). Be aware that user is aware that this website is located within the borders of the United States and that it is bound by said laws, including Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Although the administrator of this website does not allow for the posting of false information, this site does not adhere to the 'Right To Forget' law as passed in the European Union. While some features have been added, such as a reminder that this site uses browser cookies, this site is only under the jurisdiction of laws of the United States. Please be aware of this distinction when using the services on this site.

    8. Termination
    The administrator of this website reserves the right to terminate without any notice the rights of any user who violates any of the site's policies, rules or regulations where required. If a user's account is terminated, said user is not allowed to create a new account in order to get around the restriction. This agreement survives any expiration as long as this site continues to operate. The administrator is the only user who can lift any forum restriction, ban or termination.

    9. Links To Third-Party Websites
    This site provides links to 'external' or third party websites that aren't hosted by User accepts all liabilities when using these links.

    10. Adherence With Applicable Laws
    Users should be aware that this site adheres to all applicable laws, regulations and requests from law enforcement agencies and government requests.


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